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Fuel Motorcycle MX Glove

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Product Description

Inspired by the ‘60s motocross gloves, the Fuel “Moto X” gloves will be your best friends on any ride. A hard and durable model that can withstand thousands of kilometers riding on roads, highways or tracks throughout the year.

The gloves are made from 100% cowhide leather and double-stitched for extra strength, and have a vintage look thanks to leather finger panels on the fingers. These gloves can be used all year round due to a soft microfiber lining for cooler temperatures.

We refuse to sacrifice protection purely for the purpose of looking good, so all our gloves come with integrated PVC knuckle armor.

Technical specs

100% cowhide construction for excellent abrasion resistance

Integrated PVC knuckle armor for protection against crash

Anatomically-contoured leather palm panels for abrasion resistance

Warm antibacterial and soft polyester microfiber lining

Raised welt detailing on leatherbacks

S through to XL sizes